Popping the cork with Lambrusco / March 2024

A band claiming to be the very last Britpop band to reform has come forward and they are so underground they never actually released any music. Welcome to the elusive world of Lambrusco. We catch up with their frontman Carl Brackenberry.

NNME: Carl, good to meet you. So where have Lambrini been all these years?
CB: It's Lambrusco actually and I've been based at my Mums in Halifax.

NNME: Sorry. You are claiming to be the very last Britpop band to reform. How is this?
CB: Well we formed in August 1993 and split up later that month. Over the past decades I have kept a close eye on reformations of mid-nineties bands and believe that last years reunion of Kingmaker was the final 'true Britpop' band to get back together. Except for Lambrusco of course.

NNME: Tell us about the band and the reform.
CB: Well Graham sadly is no longer with us and Michael couldn't commit as he is doing the family thing. Besides he had his guitar nicked at the Phoenix Festival in 1997. And we never had a drummer anyway. Lambrusco were and always will be a vibe band. An attitude. A smell... not a bad one either. I guess we bridged the musical gap between Britpop and Britrock.

NNME: Are we right in thinking that you never actually recorded anything together?
CB: We never actually played together! I only met Graham on three occasions. Graham never acknowledged the bands name, and he apparently (Michael stayed in touch as they were brothers) still referred to Lambrusco as Sweat Patches right up to his untimely death in 2014. He always felt Lambrusco sounded too pop and he wanted to be in an edgier sounding band. That was the start of the end really.

NNME: So apparently new material is on the way. Are we to expect a conventional album some time soon?
CB: Who knows? 10 tracks, 12 twelve tracks. 1 track. To be honest if the recordings are shit I'm not afraid to release a no tracks album.

So you're prepared to release an album with no tracks on it?
CB: Certainly.

Not dissimilar to John Cage's 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence.
CB: Well when you put it like that a zero track album has already been done. But I suppose we could try go a step further and release a negative track album. Thoughts and musings about not recording an album. Who knows? As I said Lambrusco are and always will be a vibe band. Exciting times ahead. But just to reiterate we are the very last Britpop band to reform. No one else can say that. not even Cast

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